I woke up early this morning with Eric (He stayed the night and I made him a super comfy palette on the floor next to my bed). We made delicious breakfast for ourselves and my family. Then we hit the garden so hard. We pulled all the weeds, turned over all of the soil, remade rows, and planted seed. Then we went to Daniel’s house and helped him and Derrick do the same on a much larger scale.We all went out for sushi after showering. Then we all went to AA book study and that was lovely. 

Afterwards I took Eric home. On the way back to Derrick’s house we had a much needed heart to heart after some confusing circumstances we encountered as far as feelings for each other go. 

I have now found myself in a healthy developing relationship. I can genuinely say that he’s the only person I want to put my lips on (besides friendly cheek kisses to my loved ones). I love Sundays, forever my favorite day of the week. 

It has also dawned on me that I can make a living off of teaching yoga classes and I am going to pursue that with this little fire I have roaring in my internal furnace because FUCK working the clock, man.

I can be a cog in this machine called life, doing what I love.